Wednesday, March 26, 2014

jr/soph interstials spring 2014

interstitials, created in toon boom and flash, for the junior/sophomore animation screening, 

welcome to the show
charlie's angels: jackie, alexa

begin with a black silhouette of a man at a desk (Karl): 

"Ladies, are you ready to begin the show?"

(women voices)
"Sure, Karl!"

silhouette of 3 women huddled together, light shows on them revealing the true characters
Elliot, Loell, Chris.  They're standing each with suction guns like Charlie's Angels, each a button.  
To the far left, they would strike a pose, then back to the huddle
 center character would pull a gun from behind their head and shoot at the audience.  The suction dart will fall off the screen
Character to the far right says "Ugh, I got it…." struts over to the light switch and flicks the lights to off, 

then a giant red sign with flashing lights written in gold will say WELCOME TO THE SHOW! (jackie)

are you enjoying the show?
triad colors (angelica, jess)
simple, graphic, homage to many emotions and dances. Leading up to the joke at the end since all animators care about are ASSets. 

picture logo puzzle (marianne, dwayne) 

the audience must find all three UArts logos in a crowded scene before the show can continue. 

theatre chairs with faces (katie, alleanna)
silhouettes leave theatre and eyes on the chairs start to blink and open. We can click on some of the chairs to hear their conversations: Some chairs are complaining about stinky butts sitting on them or wishing they could see more of the show. 

back from intermission
toy machine (hyunjeong, jim) 
there's theater on the middle of the screen and bathroom on the left side, vending machine on the right side. When you click on the tweezer(?) then it moves and pick the guy on the right side who is getting a soda from the machine and it takes back him to his seats. same with the toilet guy (unfinished his business). 

end of the show
animators burn in the sun (ben, drew)
curtain pulls back to reveal the labored animators hard at work to get their films completed. One screams in jubilation once they release it’s all over and head over to the window to look upon the sun for the first time in days only to spontaneously combust. 

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